Construction work

Roboty budowlane

We specialise in the comprehensive performance of various construction works. Our offer is aimed both at individual customers who are planning to build, renovate or extend their house as well as at companies and businesses looking for professional construction services.

Among other things, we deal with:

  • laying foundations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings;
  • construction of load-bearing walls, partition walls as well as external and internal walls;
  • installation of reinforced concrete, steel and timber ceilings;
  • roof laying, window and door installation, floor laying, installation work and much more.


How to prepare the site for construction?

Site preparation is an extremely important stage of construction work that has a decisive impact on the quality and durability of the entire project. The first step is to perform a preliminary measurements of the site and prepare a plot development plan. Then all obstacles are removed. This is followed by earthworks, i.e. excavation for foundations and installations. The next step is to compact the soil and make it level. Finally, the site needs to be cleared of any remaining construction materials and debris.