Installation of building reinforcement

Montaż zbrojeńWe specialise in the installation of building reinforcement. It is an indispensable element in the construction process which serves to reinforce building structures and increase its strength. By applying reinforcement, the concrete is able to resist bending, tensile and shear forces which increases the durability of the structure.

The application of building reinforcement is essential for the construction of halls, bridges, tunnels, overpasses, apartment blocks, shopping centres as well as for the construction of structures with special requirements such as swimming pools, reservoirs, race tracks and many others.


What are the types of building reinforcements?

The most commonly used construction reinforcements:

  • Reinforcing bars –they are one of the most common reinforcing elements. They are made of metal, take the form of cylinders and are mainly used in reinforced concrete structures;
  • Reinforcing grids –they are reinforcing elements made of reinforcing wire that are connected to each other in a meshed manner. Reinforcing meshes are primarily used in the concreting of slabs and floors;
  • Reinforcing sections –they are complex shaped reinforcing elements that allow for more complex forms in reinforced concrete structures. They are used in projects where unique reinforcement solutions are required;
  • Prefabricated systems –they are prefabricated reinforcement elements, made off-site, which are then transported and assembled on site. Prefabricated systems are primarily used in bridge and overpass structures.