Finishing work

Prace wykończenioweWe specialise in finishing work and provide a comprehensive service for your house, office or flat. Our work is based on a precise determination of the needs of the home dwellers and adaptation to the spatial possibilities of a given property. Before starting the finishing work, we analyse in detail the requirements and vision of the future residents in order to create functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors.


Scope of finishing work

We offer a wide range of finishing works for single-family houses, flats and offices. The services we provide include:

  • painting  ̶  painting of walls, ceilings and decorative elements;
  • flooring installation  ̶  installation of wood, panel, laminate, vinyl and carpet flooring;
  • interior design  ̶  designing and arranging the interiors of flats, offices and houses;
  • suspended ceilings  ̶  installation of suspended ceilings in order to use of space efficiently;
  • masonry and installation work – various types of masonry work, including plastering, filling, tiling as well as water and sewerage installations.
  • sewerage, electricity and gas;
  • installation of built-ins  ̶  installation of wardrobes, shelving and kitchen furniture.