Budmenko general construction company in Szczecin

Budmenko is a general construction company specialising in projects for residential and industrial buildings as well as public utility facilities. We offer a full range of construction services, including the installation of reinforcement, construction of reinforced concrete structures, performance of finishing works and paving. We use the latest construction technologies, which allows us to achieve high quality workmanship and optimise construction processes.

Kolarz zdjęć

What sets us apart?

Praca na wysokościach

Working at heights

Our team uses specialist knowledge and skills when working at heights.



We implement construction projects regardless of the scale or type of investment.

Solidne konstrukcje

Robust structures

Our products are extremely durable due to the use of quality materials and innovative production technologies.


Installation of reinforcement

We install building reinforcements that improve the strength and lifespan of structures.

Konstrukcja żelbetowa

Reinforced concrete structures

We construct reinforced concrete structures of high durability and resistance to mechanical damage.

Układnie kostki brukowej

Paving works

We are involved in the design and laying of paving blocks.

Roboty budowlane

Construction works

We provide comprehensive construction services for private customers, companies and institutions.

Prace wykończeniowe

Finishing work

We perform various types of finishing work, such as painting, wallpapering, floor laying and much more.

Wyremontowana łazienka

Our Projects

Please take a look at examples of our company's projects.


Satisfied customers


Quality assurance



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